Graduate students protest tax on tuition waivers

At the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Dr. Jeffrey Gordon and graduate student Vanessa Ridaura examine samples of gut bacteria taken from fat or lean people in 2013. Such research on obesity might be thwarted if fewer graduate stude

The Senate must vote down this tax plan so that graduate students, and most middle-income Americans, won't have their taxes raised to subsidize the wealthy.

Under the tax plan, graduate students' annual tuition stipends would count toward their taxable income - leading to deeper out-of-pocket costs.

Under the House tax plan, attending San Diego's universities would become almost impossible for most aspiring graduate students because of high tuition and a high cost of living. By our calculations, for the public university student, the maximum increases in TTO were $1,826 for a single filer with one child, $3,373 for a married couple, and $2,168 for a married couple with one child.

At the Urbana campus, 6,980 of the 11,575 graduate students received a full or partial tuition waiver in 2017, according to the Graduate College.

The GOP has said the tax plan will lower taxes for the majority of Americas and reduce the burden on those in the middle-class. "I had fears of affording it anyway, but this just makes it that much harder".

Both the House and Senate versions of the bill would tax on college and university endowments.

"If the bill goes through, the money we never see, that's kind of this technicality of the University, would then be taxable income", she said.

"I appreciate President Trump's leadership on tax reform and am thrilled to see the House pass this important legislation today", Rogers said.

Barclay said the GPSC advocacy office has coordinated several discussions between Duke graduate students and those at other universities as well as working with the national graduate student advocacy association.

Brookins is pursuing a master of science within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The group called on Kaler and Dean of Graduate Education Scott Lanyon to take further steps to protect graduate students. Asked how many would consider going overseas, more than half of the roughly 70 Caltech student protesters raised their hands.

Many grad-students pay for higher education with tuition waivers.

"I think it is very common for graduate students at the University of Wyoming to receive these waivers (and) has been for many decades", said Chris Boswell, vice president for governmental and community affairs. This could also cause a decrease in graduate and PhD-level research, or prevent students from furthering their education all together due to the expense.

As she started to do the math, tears welled up.

"It's a reality of life", she said.

Around fifty University of Pennsylvania students recently staged a "work-in" demonstration in order to protest the tax bill now being debated in Congress.

About 300 to 400 graduate students and others turned out to Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus Wednesday to protest a proposed tax on their waived tuition.

"Some people did walk out, but some of these people are wanting to get out but didn't have classes, so this is a way for them to participate", said Austin Baker, a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Philosophy and member of the Rutgers Union. Naeffie said many grad students have families to support.

One graduate student writer, writing for Inside Higher Ed, likened it to "taxing a coupon".

Whether we are interested in health sciences or computing, in art history or economics, the discoveries that move us have all been shaped by graduate student hands. In an expensive city like Boston, my current after-tax stipend of $2,600 per month barely covers my rent, food and transportation as it is. Once it does, the differences between the two bills would need to be resolved.

When I worked at NASA, the building I worked in looked like the United Nations - people from all over the world working to advance the goals of NASA and the US government. She's our point of contact on all administrative matters, and she does a great job making sure our voice is heard. "Everybody right now take a photo, snap a selfie, post it on social media". The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly's External Affairs Committee organized a "call-in" where they provided information and scripts for graduate students to call local representatives to express their opinions against the bill.

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