The Greatest Storm in Our Solar System Has Shockingly Few Years Left

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter as seen by NASA's Juno spacecraft

Glenn Orton from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA said in a statement about Jupiter's Great Red Spot soon to be extinct that, "In truth, the GRS has been shrinking for a long time". By comparison, Earth's longest recorded storm, Hurricane John in 1994, lasted just 31 days. Can you believe that a storm has lasted for several hundred years? Researchers still don't know numerous specifics of what drives the storm, but it's obvious that it's beginning to breath its dying gasps.

When will the Great Red Spot of Jupiter disappear?

"Juno found that the Great Red Spot's roots go 50 to 100 times deeper than Earth's oceans and are warmer at the base than they are at the top", Andy Ingersoll, Juno co-investigator, said in a December 2017 news release.

Orton says, "The GRS is stable and long-lived, because it's 'wedged" between two jet streams that are moving in opposite directions'.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is pictured in this handout photograph taken by NASA's Voyager.

It's the most famous storm in the Solar System.

According to the Daily Mail, the researcher who is a part of NASA's Juno mission has said the Great Red Spot is now only 1.3 times the size of Earth, and it's likely that it will only last a decade or two longer before it dies.

NASA's Juno spacecraft started tracking the storm since it began orbiting the gas giant in 2016.

Earth is also smaller and rotates on its axis slower than Jupiter, which revolves around its axis once every ten hours. The Juno spacecraft passed by the planet for the first time in April 2017.

Back in the 1800s, scientists estimated the powerful storm was so big that four Earths could fit inside it. A dearth in recordings before 1830 makes it hard to know if this the famous Great Red Spot.

These factors shape our world's jet streams in a way that can disrupt weather systems and vortexes before things get too out of control. "In truth, the GRS has been shrinking for a long time, ' he said, noting it is now shrinking".

A signature storm on planet Neptune is also vanishing, ongoing Hubble telescope observations show.

Then, when the space probe Voyager 2 hurtled past in 1979, it was seen to be a little more than twice the size of our planet.

This article was originally published by Business Insider.

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